July 6, 2020

Blog-Take an Ice Cream Break

by Samantha Lapointe
Take An Ice Cream Break 🍨 Blogs are now the first Monday of every month due to our now busier schedule filling online orders for pickup and delivery around the city. It’s so nice to be back doing what
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May 11, 2020

Blog-The GOoDS Crew

by Meridith Braun
Meet The GOoDS Crew Whether it’s a fleet of scrappy rebels taking on an empire, little ponies learning that friendship is magic, or an unlikely fellowship coming together to toss a ring into a volcano
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May 4, 2020

Blog-May The 4th

by Samantha Lapointe
Chocolate, Vegan
Yub-Nub! Today, is my second favourite day of the year – May 4th! It gives even the most humble of Star Wars fans a socially acceptable excuse (not that some of us need it 🤣) to go all out for one of
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Blog – Homemade Hot Chocolate

April 27, 2020
by Kelsey
Drinks, Fun
Cozy Up With Some Hot Chocolate ☕️ They say April showers bring May flowers, and this week’s weather in Toronto is certainly looking like we will have a whole lot of flowers! To make what looks like a
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April 20, 2020

Blog-Sugar Cookies

by Marianne Jette
Cookies, Fun
Cookie Overload 🍪 (is there such a thing?!) So, this week we decided to give Sam a breather from the blog so she can focus on creating new original recipes for the shop 🤤 and the care packages of brea
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April 13, 2020

Blog-Sleeping Beauty Tea Party

by Mandy Halasi
Sleeping Beauty Tea Party! ☕🍰🍪 Thinking of things to keep us entertained during our ‘stay-at-home to lower the curve’ time means getting creative especially with kids. Who doesn’t love a tea party and
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Cupcake Colouring Sheets

April 7, 2020
by Meridith Braun
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🧁 We wanted to make sure that even during isolation everyone feels special on their birthday, and what’s a birthday without cake?! Make a birthday wish by colouring, cutting, and pasti
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Blog – Cornbread

April 5, 2020
by Samantha Lapointe
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The GOoDS Baking Blog Time for something new! Okay, lets get real, the world is a bit topsy-turvy right now and we’re just as sad as you are about our favourite events and cons being postponed and not
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